The Rogue

Halfling Rouge


Race: Halfling
Age: 67
Height: 4’3"
Lanugages: Common, Halfling, Thieves Cant
Class: Rouge
Level: 3

Hp 14
Str 8 (-1)
Dex 17 (+ 3)
Con 10 (+ 0)
Int 14 (+ 2)
Wis 12 (+ 1)
Char 14 (+ 2)

Light Armour
Katar +2
Palm Dagger + 1
Pickpocket (Dex) + 2
Card Games (Char) + 1
Deception (Char) + 2
Stealth (Dex) + 3
Acrobatics (Dex) + 2
Perception (Wis) + 2
Investigation (Int) + 2

Racial Bonus
Lucky Reroll 1d20 and keep the new roll once per long rest
Brave adv. on Fright saving throws
Naturally Stealthy hide in cover 1 size class bigger than you

75 Gp

Serrated Katar x2 1d6 piercing, crit. inflicts Bleeding, Finesse
Throwing Daggers x3 20/60ft 1d4

Armour and Clothing
Hafling Peasant clothes
Battered Leather Chest Plate AC 11 +Dex
Dark Hooded Cloak

Thieves Tools: Lock picks, mounted mirror, file, pliers, scissors, crowbar
Burglars Pack: 50ft hemp rope, tinderbox, oil flask x2, hooded lantern, 10 pitons, hammer,

Pitons x 10 attach objects to walls, grants adv. to climbing checks
Hammer 1d4 blunt grants adv. to Str checks for striking
Crowbar 1d4 blunt, grants adv. to Str checks for leverage
Deck of Cards

Rogue Traits
Hit Points: 3d8
Saving throws: Dex, Int

Expertise Doubled prof. + on 2 skills
Sneak Attack Add 2d6 damage to finesse attack on one creature hit with adv.
Cunning Action Dash, Disengage, or Hide as a bonus action
Criminal Contacts you have a network of contacts in most places
Defensive Duelist When wielding finesse weapon use reaction to add prof bonus to your ac for that attack


Arcane Trickster
Spellcasting stat: Int

Spell Slots
2 level 1

Known Spells

Mage Hand Cantrip
Target: 30ft range
Components: V.S.
Duration: 6 rounds
Effect: Summon a ghostly hand within 30ft. It must stay withing 30ft of the caster. Use your action to control it. It can’t attack, activate magic items, or carry more than 10 lbs

Mage Hand Legerdemain
Can make the hand invisible. Can stow or retrieve an object into/from a container worn or carried by another creature. Can use thieves tools to pick locks and disarm traps at range.

Message Cantrip
Target:1 creature with 120ft
Components: V.S.M
Duration: 1 round
Effect: Send a whispered message to 1 creature withing range, can be cast through solid objects and magical silence if the targets location is known

Feather Fall Lv1
Target: You or creature within 60ft
Components: V.M.
Duration: 6 rounds
Effect: Choose up to 5 falling creatures and slow rate of descent. Nullify falling damage.

Grease Lv1
Target: Terrain within 60ft
Components: V.S.M
Duration: 6 rounds
Effect: Cover 10ft area of terrain with grease making it difficult terrain. Any creature in the area makes a Dex save or falls prone. Any creature that enters or ends a turn must make a Dex save or fall prone.

Alarm Lv1
Target: Door, Window, 20ft aura
Components: V.S.M
Duration: 8 Hours
Effect: Set ward which will trigger an alarm either mentally or audibly, as a bell ringing for 10s within 60ft when ever a Tiny or larger creature enters. You can designate allowed creatures.


Born to a successful merchant family as a young man you were raised by your stern but loving father. Growing up along the Hafling trade roads, with travelers from all over the continent buying and selling exotic wares you learnt a great deal about life both as a merchant and to your fathers constant exasperation as a pickpocket.

Tired of your misbehavior making him look bad in front of clients and scared that you would one day get yourself into trouble that he couldn’t bribe away your father pressed you into military service for a local halfling lord, Raj Jafar Prashad. Here, under the tutelage of a bullying quartermaster you learnt both how to fight and how to sneak out of the barracks at night. Over time you began to resent the restrictions of military life longing for the freedom of the trade roads. One day your desire for freedom grew overwhelming you eventually deserted your post and fled. Since then you have maintained a deeply held belief that chains are meant to be broken, as are those that forge them.

You escaped the military police easily and since then you have made your living utilizing your skills doing odd jobs for shady characters all across the continent. However the news of your shameful desertion caused your ailing fathers business to loose its respectable standing, and your family fell into poverty. Unable to return for fear of court martial you do your best to send you earnings back to support your increasingly frail father and your younger sister Gayatri.

A skilled criminal for hire, an experienced thief, and an effective fighter from your army days you always have a backup plan for when things go wrong. Or at least you work hard to appear to.

Your reputation often proceeds you within the criminal community and your have many reliable and trustworthy contacts all through the land.

Hearing of lucrative opportunities in the capital of the Human Empire, you hitch a ride on a schooner selling incense and dried fruit. Settling in among the fragrant wares you begin dreaming of the fortune that awaits you.

The Rogue

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