The Bard

Tiefling Bard


Race: Tiefling
Age: 27
Height: 6’1"
Lanugages: Common, Elvish,
Class: Bard
Level: 3

Hp 18
Str 10 (0)
Dex 13 (+ 1)
Con 12 (+ 1)
Int 15 (+ 2)
Wis 8 (-1)
Char 17 (+ 3)

Acrobatics (Dex) +2
Performance (Char) +3
Disguise (Char) +2
History (Int) +2
Persuade (Char) +2
Bluff (Char) +2
Forgery (Int) +2

Racial Bonus
Helish Resistance Resistance to fire damage

175 Gp

Snake Kris 1d6 piercing Venom once a day use an action to call on the snake to coat the blade with poison for 6 rounds or until a successful attack. Target must make a dc15 Con save or take 2d10 poison damage and become poisoned for 6 rounds.
Concealed Violin Crossbow 1d6 30/120 ammunition

Armour and Clothing
Leather Armour Ac11 +Dex mod

Entertainers Pack: peasant costume, noble costume, theatrical masks
Disguise Kit: theatrical cosmetics, wigs, and small props
Forgery Kit: papers, gold and silver leaf, inks, seals and sealing wax
Fake documents and passports
A strange rainbow coloured gem stone given to you by an admirer

Bard Traits
Hit Points: 3d9
Saving throws: Dex, Char

Bardic Inspiration Inspire target character. Inspired characters add 1d6 to a a d20 roll. The number of Bardic Inspiration points equal to Char mod per long rest
Jack of All Trades Add +1 to all skill checks
Song of Rest Once per long rest you can sing a soothing song during a short rest. During this rest spent hit dice will add extra 1d6 hp.
Expertise Double proficiency bonus on 2 skills
Cutting Words Target creature you can see within 60ft who can hear you and spend Bardic Inspiration point to subtract 1d6 from targets attack, save or damage roll
Crossbow Expert Fast loading, can fire from short range without disadvantage, you can attack with offhand weapon and then the crossbow as a bonus action.

College of Lore
Spellcasting stat: Char

Spell Slots
4 level 1. 2 level 2

Known Spells

Viscious Mockery Cantrip
Target: 60ft range
Components: V.
Duration: Instant
Effect: Target makes Wis save or takes 1d4 psychic damage and have disadvantage on its next attack roll until the end of its next turn

Prestididgitation Cantrip
Target: 10ft
Components: V.S.
Duration: Instant
Effect: Minor illusion magic, harmless sensory effect (puff of smoke, hail of sparks, odd smell) light or snuff out small light source (a candle, torch or small campfire), clean or soil 1 small object, chill, warm or flavour 1 small object, colour or make a symbol appear on an object for 1 hour, create a illusory trinket for 1 hour

Uncontrollable Laughter Lv1
Target: 30ft
Components: V.S.M
Duration: Concentration up to 6 rounds
Effect: Target must make a Wis save or fall prone for the duration. Target has advantage on saving throws for the duration. Creatures with less than 4 Int are immune.

Heroism Lv1
Target: Touch
Components: V.S.
Duration: Concentration up to 6 rounds
Effect: Target becomes immune to Fright and gains bonus hp equal to your Char mod at he start of each of its turns for the duration.

Cure WoundsLv1
Target: Touch
Components: V.S.
Duration: Instant
Effect: Target gains 1d8 + Char mod Hp. Cast at Lv2 for extra 1d8

Calm EmotionsLv2
Target: 60ft
Components: V.S.
Duration: Concentration up to 6 rounds
Effect: All humanoids within range must make Char saving throws or become Frightened, Charmed or cause target to be indifferent to a creature it was hostile towards. The spell ends if the target is attacked, become target of a spell, or sees its friends attacked.

Shatter Lv2
Target: 60ft
Components: V.S.M
Duration: Instant
Effect: 10ft explosion of sound. Creatures and magic items in the blast zone must make Con saves or suffer 3d8 Thunder damage or half on successful save. In organic creatures have disadvantage on saving throws.

Zone of Truth Lv2
Target: 60ft
Components: V.S.
Duration: 10 mins
Effect: Create a 15ft sphere which guards against deception. For the duration any creature in the sphere must make a Char saving through or be compelled to speak the truth. Targets are aware of the effect.


Devil child. Your birth was a curse. Or so you were told. Product of your parents sins you were taken from them by the Church of the Vaulting Towers as a baby and raised in isolation amidst the towers of the Petrovna Cathedral with others of your kind. There you received food, shelter, education, and religious instruction…but not care. And you were forbidden to leave your cloisters.

You read avidly, about the world outside the Elven cities, about the histories of Moirai and the exploits of the great heroes of the early Reclamation. You were charismatic even then, playful and well liked by your classmates and even some of your tutors although your fondness for faleshoods and half truths got you into a fair share of trouble.

One day, having snuck away from your lessons to your favourite perch on a high tower buttress you saw a beautiful elf woman selling flowers on the streets bellow. That night unable to sleep for thoughts of her green eyes and flowing blond hair you stole away from your guardians into the city. But the cityfolk were not kind to you, some threw curses, others threw stones and come morning you were lost hungry and tired. Fearing punishment at the hands of your angry guardians or violence at the hands of the city guards you smuggled yourself into the cart belonging to a band of traveling Orc actors.

You weren’t discovered until the cart was miles from the city walls. When questioned by the Orcs you spun them a series of fantastical stories of your origins, you were a cursed prince of a farflung kingdom, a demon escaped from Hades, the half son of a horned god. The troupes leader, a kindly playwrite, seeing your talent for weaving stories offered to take you on as a bit player in exchange for food.

You traveled with the troupe for 5 years performing all through the Vaulting Towers, across the Ash Sands and once even at the Dwarven court in Isias. You became well known for your comedic roles, although your ad libbing was often dangerously inappropriate. It was a pleasant enough life and you were happy as the popular charming actor until one day you met Amentuankh.

Rounding a corner in a busy city you saw an astoundingly beautiful young orc peddling magical pendants. With your keen eye you recognised the pendants to be worthless fakes. Seeing the approach of the cities guards you quickly joined the crowd of customers and with a meaningful look to the young man proclaimed the stunning quality of his wares. The crowd quickly scrabbled to buy up the last of his stock before dispersing.
Thus you found your true calling. Amentuankh was the first creature you’d ever met who was better at lying than you. Entranced by the life of thrill he offered you you abandoned the acting troupe and traveled with him for several years, running cons and tricks in every city you traveled to although you always made sure to never target people who couldn’t afford to lose a few coins.

But as your cons became more grandiose and your marks became more powerful the risks of each con grew graver. Inevitably, after one particularly daring job fleecing a corrupt Elven Prince you returned to your hideout to find the Princes henchman waiting for you. In the violent struggle Amentuankh was killed and you were forced to flee once more. The princes agents have been pursuing you ruthlessly ever since to try and finish the job.

Hearing of the huge festival planned for the Day of Hymns in the human capital you cant help but think of all the naive nobles with purses hanging heavy like ripe fruit ready to be plucked. Smiling to yourself you begin forging a letter of merit from the Grand Prince, commanding the recipient to quarter this ambassador from a foreign land in exchange for gold and favor. The next morning looking suitably lost and exotic you gain passage on a naive human furriers ship. You settle down on the soft cargo playing a gentle refrain on your violin dreaming of theriches to come.

The Bard

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