Kahil Röhr

The King of Osar


Race: Human
Age: 186
Affiliation: Rhöttmanner Empire


Kahil Röhr is the last monarch in a line of increasingly feeble kings of the nation of Osar. His marriage to Rosalinde is widely believed to have been arranged by the Empire and while a majority of Osarians were glad to see an end to the Imperial siege some were shamed by this viewing it as a cowardly surrender.

When the Sovereign Rationalists executed their coup he and his wife, now the Empress Regent, were placed under house arrest at the Imperial Palace. They have ruled, albeit only nominally, for 146 years, kept alive through a forced regime of longevity potions and are brought out for formal occasions to pacify their Imperial subjects.

Though loved by their people those outside the Empire see the pair as useless frail puppets at best worthy of pity at worst responsible for the atrocities perpetuated by the Empire

Kahil Röhr

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