Petrus Albrecht Rhöttmanner

The Great Unifier, The Great and Holy Emperor


Race: Human
Age: 64 Deceased
Affiliation: Rhöttmanner Empire


Born to the lesser House of Rhöttmanner, one of the many petty noble houses vying for control of the Calm Mirror region. A prodigious military talent he joined the Royal Army and quickly rose through the ranks finally being appointed General Absolute by King Hilderbrande the 3rd.

Shortly after he staged a brutal coup executing the King, who was widely known to be an insane hedonist, and either exiling or executing anyone loyal to the old regime. Thus he took control of the citadel. From here he began a relentless conquest of the neighboring nations. His merciless quest to unify his Empire and his military efficacy made the Rhöttmanner Empire the dominant power in the Human realm.

Though he ruled with an iron fist he became increasingly paranoid, fearing treachery from every corner he isolated himself from his subjects and his family alike.

During a rare public appearance to celebrate the marriage of his daughter Rosalinde to the King of Osar he was killed in a violent uprising by a group calling themselves Sovereign Rationalists

Despite his brutality he is remembered fondly by his subjects demonstrated in their continued loyalty to his daughters rule. Some have even come to regard him as a God referred to as Petrus Divinus and The Father Who Reigns Eternal. Such worship has been outlawed across the empire and violently suppressed by the Sovereign Rationalists

Petrus Albrecht Rhöttmanner

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