The Paladin

Wood Elf Paladin


Race: Wood Elf
Age: 885
Height: 5’11"
Lanugages: Common, Elvish,
Class: Paladin
Level: 3

Hp 21
Str 15 (+ 3)
Dex 10 (0)
Con 13 (+ 2)
Int 10 (0)
Wis 14 (+ 2)
Char 14 (+ 2)

Heavy Armour
Small Shields
One handed Weapons +2
Athletics (Str) + 2
Medicine (Wis) + 2
Insight (Wis) + 3
Intimidation (Char) + 2
Perception (Wis) + 2

Racial Bonus
Keen Senses Perception prof.
Trance you do not need sleep, gain benefits of a short rest from 4 hours meditating
Fey Ancestry Adv. Charmed saving throws. Immune to Sleep
Mask of the Wild hide in light cover, heavy rain, snow or mist

110 Gp

Shark Tooth Driftwood Club 2d6 bludgeoning, crit. inflicts Bleeding, Brittle
Javelins x5 30/120ft 1d6

Armour and Clothing
Bronze Chain Mail Ac16 Stealth disadv

Priests Pack: blanket, candels, a tinderbox, an alms box. incense, a censer and tribal vestments
Herbalism Kit: pestle, mortar, viles, glass pipettes,
Holy Symbol

Paladin Traits
Hit Points: 3d10
Saving throws: Wis, Char

Divine Sense Sense powerful beings, as an action you can locate and identify its type within 60ft, sense consecrated or desecrated objects. You can use this equal to 1+ Char mod regaining usage after a long rest
Lay Hands Pool of 15 hp to spend, spend action to heal hp via touch, spend 5 hp from pool to cure disease
Dueling Gain +2 dmg when using one handed weapon with no shield
Herbalist Create antitoxins, remedies and healing potions
Healer Spend a healers kit to stabalise a dying cfreature and restore 1d4 hp. Spend a healers kit to restore 1d6 +4 hp
Divine Smite Expend one spell slot to deal radiant damage on a melee weapon attack 2d8 plus 1d8 per spell slot level + 1d8 to undead or fiendish target
Divine Health Immune to disease
Channel Divinity Once per short rest cast either Vow of Enmity or Abjure Enemy

Oath of Vengeance
Spellcasting stat: Int

Spell Slots
2 level 1

Known Spells

Compelled Duel Lv1
Target: 30ft range
Components: V.
Duration: Concentration up to 6 rounds
Effect: Compel a creature you can see into a duel. Target must make a Wis save. On a failed save the target is compelled to move towards you. For the duration it has disadv on attack rolls on creatures other than you, must make a Wis save to move more than 30ft away.
The spell ends if you attack any other creature, target any other creature with a spell, if a friendly creature attacks target, or if you move more than 30ft away from the target.

Shield of Faith Lv1
Target: 60ft
Components: V.S.M
Duration: Concentration for up to 60 rounds
Effect: A shimmering aura surrounds target creature granting it +2 AC bonus

Hunters Mark Lv1
Target: 90ft
Components: V
Duration: Concentration up to 1 hour
Effect: Choose a creature you can see within range and mark them. For the the duration you deal extra 1d6 damage on weapon attacks and you have adv. on Wis. Perception and Wis. Survival checks to locate it. If the creature dies before the end of duration you can transfer to another target within range.

Abjure Enemy Channel Divinity
Target: 60ft
Duration: 6 rounds
Effect: Target must make a Wis save or Frightened for 6 rounds or until it takes damage. It’s speed is reduced to 0. On a save the targets speed is halved for 6 rounds or until it takes damage

Vow of Emnity Channel Divinity
Target: 10ft
Duration: 6 rounds
Effect: Gain advantage on attack rolls against target for 6 rounds.


Born into a small island in the intensely tribal world of the Broken Isles you made a name for yourself as a fierce warrior and talented hunter. You lived a simple life, following the instruction of the village elders without question.

After many centuries serving your tribe in battle and displays of ritual strength you were hailed as High War Chief. But first before the driftwood crown, they said, a spirit quest. 40 days in the wild. Alone

No matter. Your were strong. Alone was nothing new. But one night, mouth thick with the root paste the elders had instructed you to eat before meditating you felt something trying to reach out to you. A power greater than you. It drew you to it. In your dreams it whispered to you of times long long ago and as it whispered you felt a deep aching bloodlust from the souls of your feet through to the bottom of your spine. You drempt. Dreams of slaughter and war and visions you didn’t understand.

But dreams were just dreams. However as you walked back to your village on the morning your spirit quest ended you felt nervous. Scared. You saw the village in full of pale strangers. Men from the human great-tribe. A massacre, they said, at a Gnome settlement on one of the main Islands. You were the prime suspect. Their War Chief wanted to take you away in chains but the elders refused. Many people were shouting. You were confused. Eventually the humans departed. But you were wary.

That night the humans returned in their great ships. They swarmed the Island and though your army fought bravely they died to a man. Standing alone you threw down your war club and offered yourself in surrender if the humans would spare the village. The human Chief agreed and you were taken aboard the humans ships.

But as you sailed away from the only home you’d ever known you saw the humans had spoken false. You saw the huts of your friends burning. You saw piles of still bodies outside the elders longhouse. You saw humans taking hammers and axes to your great temple, toppling the statues of your ancestors. And a rage came upon you. The rage you had felt those nights alone in the jungle. In your bloodlust you ripped apart every human on the ship like a great shark and swam away into the midnight ocean.

When morning came you swore an Oath that you would mercilessly stamp out the evils of the world by any means necessary and that you would aid those harmed by the evils you had failed to destroy.

Since then you have lived in exile. Wandering the world. You have spent years in deep self contemplation, visiting monasteries from all over the land. You have seen much death on your journeys though you avoid violence where possible. You are almost silent, impassive remaining serene even in the face of danger and terror. You have seen so much it doesn’t stir you anymore. But the rage still burns.

You have a deep need to understand the bloodlust that still haunts you and decipher the visions that are still so vivid after so many years. As you begin to understand these revelations you fear that they will have grave consequences if they ever to come to light.

Many times over the past months you have drempt of the ruins in which the vile human great tribe had made their home. Drempt of the human great chief, with blood around his lips and fire at his feet. You must go there, you feel it. After a morning prayer to the ancestors you heft your heavy war club over your shoulder and gracefully set out across the vast steppe barely noticing the blistering sun on your back.

The Paladin

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