The Cleric

Dwarven Cleric


Race: Dwarf
Age: 32
Height: 4’6"
Speed: 25ft
Lanugages: Common, Dwarvish, Elvish, Gnomish
Class: Cleric
Level: 3

Hp 26
Str 8 (-1)
Dex 12 (+ 1)
Con 16 (+ 3)
Int 8 (-1)
Wis 16 (+ 3)
Char 13 (+ 1)

Insight (Wis) +1
Backgammon +1
Calligraphy (Char) +1
Persuasion (Char) +2

Racial Bonus
Resiliance Resistance to poison damage and advantage on poison saves
Dwarven Bushido you have proficiency with Dwarven weapons
Artisan Proficiency with Artisans tools
Stonecunning Double proficiency on History (Int) check related to the origin of stonework
Dwarven Toughness +1 Hp Per level.
Highborn You are recognized as nobility and treated accordingly

155 Gp

Yumi Shortbow 1d6 piercing 80/320 Dwarven
Hachiwari Hooked Dagger 1d4 Finesse, Dwarven, Advantage on heavily armored opponents
Steel Warfan 1d4 Dwarven, Finesse, Disarm
Throwing Daggers x 3 1d4 20/60
Hidden Ring Dagger 1d4 Hidden Finesse

Armour and Clothing
Ceremonial Robes Ac12 Disadv on Stealth

Priests Pack: Incense, candles, censor, prayer mat
Maps and Charts
Backgammon Set
Holy Symbol
Signet Ring with your Clan crest
Scroll of Pedigree
Calligraphers Supplies
Thin Silk Rope

Cleric Traits
Hit Points: 3d8
Saving throws: Wis, Char

Channel Divinity once per long rest use Turn Undead to use an action to invoke your holy symbol, any undeaed within 30ft must make a Wis save or be compelled to flee from you for 6 rounds, or use Preserve Life to evoke healing energy to restore Hp equal to Cleric Lv x 5 to any creatures within 30ft
Disciple of Life Whenever you use a healing spell of 1st level or higher to restore Hp to a creature the creature gains 2+ Spell level additional hit points

Life Domain
Spellcasting stat: Wis

Spell Slots
4 Level 1, 2 Level 2
Prepared Spells 6 + Domain Spells

Known Spells

Bless Cantrip Domain
Target: 30ft
Components: V.S. M
Duration: Concentration up to 6 rounds
Effect: Bless up to 3 creatures of your choice they can add 1d4 to attack rolls or saving throws. You can cast the spell at higher levels with one extra target per spell level.

Cure Wounds Lv 1 Domain
Target: Touch
Components: V.S.
Duration: Instant
Effect: Target gains 1d8 + Char mod Hp. Cast at Lv2 for extra 1d8

Guidance Cantrip
Target: Touch
Components: V.S.
Duration:Concentration up to 6 rounds
Effect: Touch one willing creature, once before the spell ends they can add 1d4 to an ability check.

Sacred Flame Cantrip
Target: 60ft
Components: V.S.
Duration: Instant
Effect: Target you can see within range must make a Dex save or suffer 1d8 radiant damage. Ignores cover. Add +1d8 at 5th, 11th, and 17th level

Spare The Dying Cantrip
Target: Touch
Components: V.S.
Duration: Instant
Effect: Touch a creature with 0Hp to stabilize it.

Guiding Bolt Lv1
Target: 120ft
Components: V.S
Duration: Instant/1 round
Effect: Throw a flash of light at target with in range to deal 4d6 radiant damage and until the end of duration give advantage on the first attack roll made against it. Cast a higher levels for +1d6 for each spell level

Healing Word Lv1
Target: 60ft
Components: V
Duration: Instant
Effect: Target you can see regains 1d4 +Chr mod Hp. You can cast this spe;; at higher levels +1d4 per spell level

Command Lv1
Target: 60ft
Components: V.
Duration: 1 round
Effect: Shout a one word command at a creature you can see within range. Target mus make a Wis save or follow the command. The target must be living and understand the language of the command, and cannot be commanded to do something that will cause it immediate harm. You can cast this spell at higher levels to target one additional creature per spell level within 30ft of the original target.

Sanctuary Lv 1
Target: 30ft
Components: V.S.M
Duration: 6 rounds
Effect: Target becomes protected from being the target of spells or attacks. Any creature making an attack on the target must make a Wis save or choose a new target. The spell ends if the warded creature attacks or targets an enemy creature with a spell.

Silence Lv2
Target: 120ft
Components: V.S
Duration: Concentration up to 10 mins
Effect: For the duration no sound can be created within or pass through a 20ft sphere centered on the target. Any creature or object in the sphere is immune to thunder damage and is deafened for the duration.

Prayer of Healing Lv2
Target: 30ft
Components: V
Duration: 10 mins
Effect: Up to six creatures you can see within range regain 2+d8 +Char mod Hp. You can cast at higher levels for +1d8 for each spell level

Lesser Restoration Lv2 Domain
Target: Touch
Components: V.S
Duration: Instant
Effect: Touch a creature to end either one disease or one condition (e.g. blinded, deafened, paralyzed or poisoned)

Spiritual Weapon Lv2 Domain
Target: 60ft
Components: V.S
Duration: 6 rounds
Effect: Create a floating spectral weapon within range. You can make a melee spell attack against creature within 5ft of the weapon to deal 1d8+ Char mod force damage. As a bonus action you can move the weapon up to 20ft and make another attack. You can cast this spell at higher levels to for +1d8 for every 2 slots above 2nd


Go with grace she’d said. Go always with grace.

From your first days as a girl in the slate gray palaces in the mountains of Michimitsu you learned how to smile, how to bow, how to hold yourself like a lady. Heavy and hot under layers of colored silk you’d sit still as a rock while some noble or other would lead court through ritual after ritual, suppressing the urge to fidget you’d silently bite your lip until it bled. But you would remain still. Placid and perfect.

As you grew you saw your sisters married to rough ugly men, clan leaders or for the lucky ones the sons of clan leaders. Each one a warlord. You saw your sisters’ eyes glistening with quiet tears on their wedding days and you would smile and bow as you were meant to. But your heart would ache.

With each lost sister you would console yourself in prayer. The temples were the only places where you could weep, your cries drowned out by the chanting of the monks.

As you neared womanhood, you woke one morning from fearful dreams of the groping bald rat of a man you were soon to marry. Carried on the early morning air was a sweet and gentle song. You followed the sound to find a frail old nun making her way through the empty streets. Seeing the peace on her face you knew what you had to do.

The next day you saddled your pit pony and fled to the Monastery of Qi-jidai, believed by her followers to be the one true God. There you begged the High Priestess to admit you as an acolyte so you could live out the rest of your life in chaste servitude. Seeing the fear in your eyes she acquiesced and you served peacefully for several months. Humbly you set about sweeping, carrying water up and down the slate steps, and working in the monastery kitchen and although you did your duties you never quite lost your regal bearing.

But the peace was short lived. One day during calligraphy class your concentration was broken by the sound of marching. Word had reached your betrothed and believing your rejection to be a sleight upon his honor he had lead his men to massacre the nuns at the monastery. With bow and sword they cut their way through to the central enclave. The High Priestess, a fierce woman, was not cowed though her voice shook as she told the men that she would not move from shielding you. They simply shot her in the gut. As she lay dying on the floor she had beckoned you to her and whispered her advice to you.

Riding with your captor fiance back to your family castle you turned her words over and over like a prayer wheel. Go with Grace. Go always with Grace. And you prayed to Qi-jidai, for hope, for escape. And miraculously she had heard your prayers.

On the 3rd night of your journey you found the road blocked by a rockslide. The men seemed nervous, the horses skittish. With a whirring sound a hail of arrows and throwing daggers emerged from the undergrowth and peppered the soldiers around you. Drawing his spear as he jumped from his pony the warlord bellowed a challenge. But no one appeared. Silence. Silence and stillness. Until in the silence you saw a spot of shadow detach itself from a nearby tree and move swiftly behind your fiance. With you heart in your mouth you fought the desire to shout out, to be a good wife, a good lady. Your betrothed hadn’t seen the shadow until it had already opened his throat.
You watched your husband who would never be slide to the ground. You watched his blood flow across the slate ground, a black pool in the dark night, and you prayed.

In the quiet you waited until your saviors made themselves known. A band of warrior monks had been sent to avenge the slaughter at the Temple of Qi-Jidai and rescue any survivors. You told your story. Thinking that the monks would return you to your family you resigned yourself to the thought that perhaps your new husband might be less foul than the warlord but you were shocked when the monks led you not to Michimitsu but to a monastery deep in the bamboo groves. Vows were for life they explained, and with the loss of the High Priestess you would need to continue your instruction here.

But you were not going to be sweeping or cooking. Here the monks would teach you the art of graceful war, for as they said, the light of Qi-jidai must be protected. Your training was brutal but you showed great aptitude. They taught you how to fight with weapons and how to channel your devotion to Qi-Jidai to protect your allies and bring calamity to your foes. After several years of training you were ready to return to the world.

Hearing of the heathens devastating wars and fearing that remaining in Isias would provide your family with the chance to track you down and return you to the cloistered life befitting a woman of your birth, you resolved to cross the seas and further the will of Qi-Jidai.

Your first stop on this great mission was to be the capital of the Heathens, where false Gods were worshiped openly and freely. On the day of the Pagan Feast known as the Day of Hyms you would preach the Way of Qi-Jidai. Smiling at the thoughts of the the souls you would save you booked passage on a Gnomish Trade vessel, and as the ship drifted into the mists you whispered her words to yourself. And you prayed.

The Cleric

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