The Wizard

Wood Elf Wizard


Race: Elf
Age: 385
Height: 4’10"
Lanugages: Common, Elvish, Gnomish, Orcish
Class: Wizard
Level: 3

Hp 10
Str 8 (-1)
Dex 15 (+ 2)
Con 8 (-1)
Int 18 (+ 4)
Wis 15 (+ 2)
Char 8 (-1)

Arcana (Int) +3
History(Int) +2
Investigation(Int) + 1

Racial Bonus
Keen Senses Perception prof.
Trance you do not need sleep, gain benefits of a short rest from 4 hours meditating
Fey Ancestry Adv. Charmed saving throws. Immune to Sleep
Mask of the Wild hide in light cover, heavy rain, snow or mist

95 Gp

Bone Saw 1d4 Piercing

Armour and Clothing
Tattered Robes
Scroll Bag

Spell Book
Arcane Focus
Surgical Tools
Scrolls and Scroll Cases
Ink and Scrolls
A Letter of Credentials

Wizard Traits
Hit Points: 3d6
Saving throws: Int, Wis

Arcane Recovery regain 1 spell slot per short rest
School of Conjuration
Familiar Summon Familiar as a bonus action
Conjuration Savant Copy conjuration spells into your spell book twice as fast
Minor Conjuration Use your action to conjure an inanimate object in your hand, within 10 feet, the object can be no larger than 3ft and weigh no more than 10lbs and must take the form of a nonmagical object you have seen. The summoned object is visibly magical radiating dim light out to 5ft . and disappears after 1 hour or after it takes damage
Observant +5 bonus on passive Perception and passive Investigation, you can lip read languages you understand
Researcher When you do not know something (e.g. failed arcana or history check) you often know where you can find information about it.

School of Conjuration
Spellcasting stat: Int

Spell Slots
4 level 1. 2 level 2
Prepared Spells 7

Known Spells

Acid Splash Cantrip
Target: 60ft
Components: V.S
Duration: Instant
Effect: Hurl a bubble of acid at 1 creature or 2 creatures within 5ft of each other. Target must make a dex save or suffer 1d6 acid damage

Fire Bolt Cantrip
Target: 120ft
Components: V.S.
Duration: Instant
Effect: Hurl a mote of fire at a creature within range. A successful ranged spell attack causes 1d10 fire damage and flammable objects catch fire

Mage Hand Cantrip
Target: 30ft range
Components: V.S.
Duration: 6 rounds
Effect: Summon a ghostly hand within 30ft. It must stay withing 30ft of the caster. Use your action to control it. It can’t attack, activate magic items, or carry more than 10 lbs

Unseen Servant Lv1
Target: 60ft
Components: V.S.M
Duration: 1 hour
Effect: Summon an invisible force with Ac10 1Hp and Str2 that can perform simple tasks at your command until the spell ends or you move 60ft away.

Witch Bolt Lv1
Target: 30ft
Components: V.S.M
Duration: Concentration up to 6 rounds
Effect: Make a ranged spell attack to cast an ark of energy to one creature within range. On a successful role deal 1d12 lightning damage instantly and then for 1d12 lightning damage for each turn you maintain concentration

Chromatic Orb Lv1
Target: 90ft
Components: V.S.M
Duration: Instant
Effect: Hurl a 4 inch sphere of acid, cold, fire, lightning, poison, or thunder energy at a creature within range. Successful hit does 3d8 chosen type damage +1d8 for each additional spell level over 2

Thunderwave Lv1
Target: Self 15ft Sphere
Components: V.S.
Duration: Instant
Effect: A wave of thunderous force sweeps out from you. All creatures and objects in the field must make a Con save or suffer 2d8 Thunder damage and be thrown 10ft away. On a successful save the creature takes 1d8 damage and is not thrown. For each level above 1 add 1d8 damage. This spell is audible over 300ft

Disguies Self Lv1
Target: Self
Components: V.S
Duration: 1 Hour
Effect: You make yourself, any clothing, armor or weapons, look different until the spell ends or you dismiss it. You can change your height by up to 1ft and can change your weight an species but you must have the same basic morphology (e.g. same number of limbs, organs etc.)

Comprehend Languages Lv 1
Target: Self
Components: V.S.M
Duration: 1 hour
Effect: For the duration you understand the literal meaning of any spoken language that you hear. You also understand any written language but must be touching the surface on which the words are written.

Acid Arrow Lv2
Target: 90ft
Components: V.S.M
Duration: Instant
Effect: Throw an arrow of acid at 1 target within range. On a successful roll target takes 4d4 acid damage immediately and 2d4 at the end of its next turn. On failed roll target takes 2d4 damage

Scorching Ray Lv2
Target: 120ft
Components: V.S.
Duration: Instant
Effect: Create 3 blasts of fire energy to hurl at a maximum of 3 targets. Make a spell attack roll for each blast. On a successful roll target takes 2d6 fire damage. For each extra spell level add one blast

Phantasmal Force Lv2
Target: 60ft
Components: V.S.M
Duration: Concentration up to 6 rounds
Effect: Create an illusion in the mind of a creature you can see withing range. Target must make an Int save or become convince of a the existence of a phantasmal object, creature or other visible phenomenon no larger than 10ft of you choice perceivable only to the target. Target can use an action to take an Int check against your spell save to reject the illusion. While affected by the spell target treats the phantasm as if it were real (e.g. will walk across a phantasmal bridge) and will suffer damage if the phantasm takes the form of a creature or hazard that can logically inflict harm dealing 1d6 psychic damage per turn. This spell has no effect on constructs or the undead.

Misty Step Lv2
Target: Self
Components: V
Duration: Instant
Effect: Teleport up to 30ft to an unoccupied space you can see.

Magic Weapon Lv2
Target: Touch
Components: V.S
Duration: Concentration up to 1 hour
Effect: As a bonus action touch a nonmagical weapon to transmute it into a magical weapon with +1 to attack and damage rolls


You knew you were exceptional even then. Your father had been a pale oddity, leaving the Vaulting Towers for love of the natives he’d studied. He had died of a fever when you were a few months old. It was a tragedy they told you later, but no matter, he had left his scrolls and his notes. By the age of 4 you could read better than your mother.

The elders of your small island didn’t know what to do with you, you were painfully sharp and utterly uninterested in playing with the other children, why would you be? They were almost a different species. You demanded to hear every tale, every ritual must be explained, the purpose of every herb and plant elucidated. You ate knowledge like air, and when there was no more to learn you would grow frustrated. Once you took apart a goat to see how it worked. The Elders had not liked that for some reason. The other children had stopped bothering you after that. All the better for you. In solitude you took to wandering the beaches prodding and scraping in rockpools at the squirming life within.

One day, having spent the morning devising a means by which to classify different families of anemones you noticed an unfamiliar retinue approaching. They were pale, their clothes ill suited to the tropical climate. They explained that they were here for you. That you were to go with them to the University of Valerianovich, where you would receive instruction in any field in which you showed talent. Your mother wept as your ship departed. You weren’t sure why.

You fiercely threw yourself into your studies; arcane theory, history, natural sciences, anything and everything your tutors had to offer. Within a short few decades you had exhausted every book, scroll and scrap of velum in the vast library. You again grew restless, wandering the city. Watching. Here too was squirming life, the pools were bigger but the principles were the same.

You became fascinated by the horned children you saw being brought to the cities great church. The peasants called them cursed, even your fellows at the University thought of them as diseased or deficient. But you were intrigued. An unsolved question was not to be tolerated. And so you began your research.

Tentative and distant at first, you took notes, made sketches, watched these creatures others called wretched. To you they were no more wretched than the creatures in the rockpools or the city markets. But note taking was not enough. You had tests to conduct.
A priest who seemed to regard you as a friend, a concept you grasped only in the vaguest mechanical sense, arranged for you to have access to some of the older children. You did what you always did. Things have to be taken apart to be understood after all.

You learned something remarkable. These creatures were Elves, just as you were. In time you became convinced that far from being the product of a curse, or some aberration they were in fact an echo, a glimpse into the impossibly distant past. You poured over ancient texts about similar curses afflicting lines of Gnomes, and Orcs and Dwarves. Collating thousands of field notes in the ecstasy of discovery you had seen spread across the people of the continent a common form, a distant creature from which all of the major races had diverged and from which these children gained their horns and their uncanny glassy eyes.

But when you began to share these findings with your colleague they were uneasy. The origins of life were the preserve of the Church, they had whispered, you were warned to stop, to turn your mind to other things. You of course ignored them. One evening, returning from having watched a colleagues dissection of a pregnant ogre brought on blocks of ice from the Ash Sands, you found your quarters being overturned by several black robed figures. You recognized the insignia, a severed dogs head, these were the Oprichniki the hounds of the Grand Prince.
You were taken in chains to the palace dungeon. Your notes were seized, your instruments packed roughly into crates. Sedition they said. Conspiracy to undermine the power of the Church, and the Grand Price Aleksandr himself. Your were to renounce your findings or your notes would be burnt, you would be struck off from the university and banished from the Vaulting Towers. It was hardly a choice.

As you rode out of the walled city into the mountains beyond you didn’t once look back. Since your exile you have wandered the continent, selling your magical services. Despite word of your discredit spreading to many of the great centers of learning you still look for private collections from which you can borrow, or purchase. You are consumed by the desire to rebuild your research and one day by proved right.

Low on funds and hearing of a Mages Competition in celebration of the Day of Hyms at the White Spire you slung your heavy scroll bag across your back and set out for the Calm Mirror and the Imperial City. Perhaps here you would find a chance to continue your research.

The Wizard

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