Grave of the Titans

Something Massive Is Stirring
The Journey begins.

My love,

I lament that my work has kept me so long from your arms.
By the auspices of fate and in accordance with our holy missive I have been called to document the trials of a band of adventurers.

I had had eyes on them for several moons. Ragtag, uncouth and battered, they were no pretty picture. But what I was to see was to convince me of the importance of our work.

A crazed old crone of an Elf, a brash Teifling dilettante who can barely call himself a bard, a Dwarven fanatic, a wily little Halfling with shifty eyes, and a morally bankrupt Wizard they make unusual companions, yet each one appeared to have been drawn inexorably to the Imperial city.

Having finally reached the bustling City, just in time for the Emperors daughter’s wedding celebrations, the adventurers busied themselves with the petty jobs offered at a local hiring post.

The Bard, at the behest of a local whorehouse madam, conned his way into the Imperial palace where amidst tradesmen and staff of all professions busying themselves in preparation for the wedding festivities he unlocked a few doors. As he was making his swift exit he had narrowly missed a beautiful red haired woman. Though he did not see her face he had noticed the lingering smell of flowers as she passed him.

The Wizard entered a magical competition at the White Spire, the seat of magical learning throughout the Empire, in order to make contact with a paranoid old colleague. Tensions rose and after an ill-fated attempt to duel a far more skilled opponent he found himself with a little more fur than he had prior, although with a similar number of flees.

The Rogue was tasked by a mutated slum dweller to steal a large diamond from a lady of the court. After finding most of the path unlocked he reached the ladies bedchamber to find her dead, body violently torn and mutilated with a distinctive stone dagger left embedded in her chest. Leaving this wretched sight he pocketed the diamond before fleeing into the sewers. Stinking and beleaguered he emerged from feculent tunnels to be greeted by an auburn haired woman with startlingly green eyes. Silently she offered water to cleanse him and feeling refreshed he continued on his way.

The Cleric and The Paladin initially followed a call to arms by the cities watch. They had been tasked with clearing out some undesirables from slums thrown up at the base of the palace but despite being in obvious need of the reward they would not compromise their morals. With time to spare they had milled about the market in the Imperial plaza encountering a flame haired woman with emerald eyes who had given them a simple looking pendant that put about the neck granted the wearer a feeling of warmth and contentment.

As a crowd formed in the plaza to witness a rare public appearance of the Emperor a feeling of apprehension came over the adventurers. Like the calm before a storm the air was thick with anticipation. The Emperor, accompanied by his daughter and her fiancé, stepped out onto the balcony of the Imperial palace. After a few moments of cheering and waving from the crowd there was a cacophonous bang as a tremendous gout of flame engulfed the palace.
As chaos broke out amidst the screaming masses and the hapless guards began straining to control the crowds the group saw several masked figures entering the palace halls.

Pursuing them was brave but foolish. They were outmatched and nearly destroyed when the amulet, seemingly awakened by the presence of the cultists repelled their attackers and led them to victory.

The people of the city had devolved into riotous lunatics, sacking and looting wherever they went and the guards were proving ineffective in quelling their revolt.

Guided by his canine senses and led by the smell of flowers The Wizard fled to a pleasure barge belonging to a local whorehouse, where he was returned to human form.

Seeking payment for his theft, despite the chaos, The Rogue followed the mutated man who had hired him to his little schooner.

The Bard was kidnapped and drugged and shot in the knee by an enigmatic man with long blond hair.

Following the mysterious draw of the amulet The Cleric and The Paladin reached the very same ship as The Rogue.

As the city burned the tiny fleet set out across the vast lake that surrounds the Imperial city.
Looking back they saw the great conflagration at the palace and the vaulting shard of the White Spire collapsing as yet more explosions illuminated the sky. The handful of vessels drifted out into the night towards a strange ring of green fire. Passing through it each ship seemed to stretch and contort before blasting out of sight.

Much time has passed since that night, but I have yet to sense the adventurers anywhere on the material plane. Though they seem unremarkable in themselves it is my belief that their fates have become entangled with something much greater.

I await their return to this plane of existence patiently, for surely this will be a tale of the ages.

May the Mother watch over you now and always and bring me to you once again.

Yours, as ever,
Jorungandr Argonautica Kur


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