Mahayana (The Gnomish Religion)

Symbol: The sun within a triangle
Colour: Scarlet

Mahayana is the ancient religion of the Gnomish empire, its large mostly male pantheon is ruled by Kuan-Dai the God of Nightmares and his sister-wife Jingfei the Goddess of Truth and Life. Their children are numerous but the most popular among practitioners are Xiaojian the Goddess of Candles, Khoo-Dai the God of Misery and Madness, Zhengsheng the God of Alchemy, Minsheng the God of Valour, and Meifen the Goddess of Seduction

These deities only seldom interact with the affairs of the world preferring to rule over Tianming where the souls of the virtuous enjoy endless feasts and celebrations and the souls of sinners are fed to the ravenous Sie-Gwie monstrous spirits that live beneath the ground.

The faithful engage in solemn individual prayers and readings from the many collected writings led by the Heshang, elected eunuchs who act as judges and militants residing at the many Simiao that dot the landscape of the Gnomish empire.

Here the multiple holy festivals celebrating the cycles of the four moons are observed through chanting and meditation on the River Saga which details the creation of life from the mud of a great river whose tides must be fought against throughout life. In Mahayana cosmology Kuan-Dai sends the faithful dark dreams of self destruction and despair to challenge their commitment to him. Those who lose themselves to madness are believed to have been claimed by Khoo-Dai and are outcast.

Gnomes are considered mature at the age of 12 in a rite that involves ritual scarification, a ritual that signifies a covenant between a believer and their chosen deity. Marriages occur between Gnomes of similar status at mass weddings. Death rites can take up to a week and focus on cleansing and ritual purity.

Mahayana (The Gnomish Religion)

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